Discover Your Unique Talents with the Scientology Skills Test

In an interview with Organization Insider, previous Scientologist Steve Hall shared that a lot of the attract of Scientology is the target on self-inquiry:

“Scientology is a physique of know-how that is intended to enable a individual to make rational conclusions in life…But it is structured and it’s named auditing. It’s completed in a safe setting and the counselor has a code of perform. The auditor does not explain to the particular person what to think and does not explain to them what to say. He just guides them on a path of self-discovery. And as soon as you’ve got skilled it you want much more, because it will help you become a greater particular person. test osobnosti You might be able to open up up new traces of communications with individuals you had been concerned to chat to before. The shy youngsters who can’t discuss to girls can out of the blue get up the nerve, which is the very good side.”

The notion of Scientology is that by going through specified counseling classes, rituals, and pursuing self-discovery, folks can improve themselves. Scientology is especially appealing to individuals who feel that they are mentally or emotionally becoming held again from recognizing their complete prospective.

Who Are Scientologists and Who Prospects the Church of Scientology?
Probably the most famous Scientologist is actor Tom Cruise. Other renowned adherents include John Travolta, Michael Pena, Kirstie Alley, Catherine Bell, Elisabeth Moss, and dozens a lot more, while just as a lot of superstars are amongst the ranks of previous Scientologists.

David Miscavige is the leader of the church of Scientology. Born in 1960, Miscavige was reportedly miraculously fixed of significant allergy symptoms and asthma following a Dianetics session, after which his family joined Scientology in 1971.

At 16, Miscavige remaining university to join the Sea Org, a spiritual order that controlled all Scientology administration companies. He rose by means of the ranks and attained the private favor of L. Ron Hubbard.

He became the de facto chief of the church in 1980 when Hubbard stopped making public appearances and assumed the formal role following Hubbard’s loss of life in 1986.

How Numerous Men and women Are Scientologists?
Numbers are challenging to produce. Scientific studies from The American Spiritual Identification Survey in 2008 and The Pew Discussion board in 2015 lump Scientology in with “new spiritual movements and other religions” or “other faiths” at about 1.2% and one.five% of the American population respectively.


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